I am the Bike Wrider

Of this world there are two things that have been a constant throughout my life: writing and bicycles. I still keep my very first short story. It’s surprisingly gory, written in acceptably terrible grammar and I like to think it has many of the elements that make a good story. On the other hand, I still have the scar where one end of the handlebar of my brand new blue chromed BMX nearly pierced through my pelvis.

One way or another I have grown up with both of these things. I graduated in journalism, and had a ridiculously short-lived “career”. Then I did fiction writing, which I truly love and will probably come up in this blog a lot. (This is probably a good time to say English is not my first language, and most of my fiction is written in Spanish). And I have also gone through transformations in cycling. After my first “kid bike” I got a BMX, got into dirt jumping for a bit, then I got a full suspension free ride bike which I mostly used for downhill, had my share of crashing and now I own a cheap hardtail XC bike that I beat up at my local trails in Barcelona and use to cruise/commute through the city.

I was born and raised in San Salvador, El Salvador. Lived in Toronto for a couple of years, and now reside in Barcelona. I like to write and I like to ride. I also have a job, but there is nothing interesting about that.